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Here's CPT William B. Hix, our CO during Desert Storm. This is one man every Soldier respected. As of today, he's still in the Army. Last we know he's at the Pentagon as a Colonel.

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This is me in my first WWII uniform at the 1st WWII living history event in Baumholder, Oct 2004

This site is for the hobbyist and military history preservationist. All items here are owned by various people who enjoy the hobby as much as you do, if you're new to the "OD Green bug" you'll find the best selection straight from the guy who restored it or bought it from the government. I began this hobby in 1995 while I was a recruiter in Southern Oregon, I quickly learned that there was an extensive network of fellow restorers and parts suppliers, because of this I gained confidence in trying other vehicles. I encourage younger members like myself to pick up the torch and carry on an important heritage of our country's past.
 The new chapter to add is the living history hobby or pastime. Since my assignment to Germany I've been introduced to a word of history and some great people in the process. I now participate with the 1st AD museum here in Baumholder, Germany where I support the "Phantom Regiment" group of living historians, there's anywhere from 10-20 Active Duty Soldiers volunteering their time and money to put on displays for the Soldiers here and represent the US Army in numerous events throughout Europe. At the 60th anniversarry of the Battle of the Bulge our group took the operation Sherman and a halftrack and we were the only US Army Soldiers dressed in correct uniforms participating in the outdoor events. It was an honor to be there, we were all grateful. Now I coordinate semi-annual events here on the base where I try to invite numerous people in Europe to come set up their displays and conduct various events for the members of the US Army.

M901 ITV, I drove this in Germany

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